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As commercial roofs age, they may start to fail. The most effective way to ensure protection for your business is to trust the roof repair professionals at Commercial Roofing Rana to ensure your commercial roof repairs are taken care of with the utmost diligence and skill. We proudly serve the Mid-South region, including Nashville and Memphis, TN.
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Telltale Signs of a Damaged Commercial Roof

Commercial roof issues may present visible damage, but sometimes they may be more subtle to detect. Certain telltale signs that indicate that it's time to rely on our professional roof repair team include the following:

  • Blistering or bubbling
  • Seams separating
  • Roof sagging

Common Roofing Problem Areas

Our roof repair professionals begin our roof repair services with a comprehensive inspection to detect areas of concern. The most commonly seen areas of concern include the following:
  • Damaged or missing shingles
  • Raised shingles or popped nails
  • Flashing or masonry damage
  • Issues with seals and skylights
  • Deteriorated, missing, or loose flashing
  • Plumbing vent malfunctions

Shingle Replacement

When your commercial roof has several old, deteriorated, or missing shingles that need to be replaced and replaced with fresh materials that prohibit leaks and further damage, Commercial Roofing Rana is here to provide you with shingle repair services.

Nail Pop Roof Repairs

Popped nails are a common roof repair occurrence requiring a standard roof repair service. Nail pops may result from damage from inclement weather or simply a sign of age. In any case, our professionals provide nail pop roof repairs that ensure no further damage develops.

Roof Flashing Roof Repairs

When your commercial roof experiences a leak, it often damages the roof's metal flashing that protects the edges, valleys, and junctions of the roof, leaving you with an urgent roof repair need. Fortunately, Commercial Roofing Rana is here to ensure the problem is solved with prompt and effective roof flashing repairs.

Roof Leak Repairs

Roof leak repairs must be addressed immediately, as when left unaddressed, they can quickly become a costly nightmare. Our roof repair professionals provide thorough inspections prior to our roof leak repairs to detect the source of the leak, allowing us to stop the leak from resurfacing to ensure it does not happen again.

Reliable Roof Repair Services

From minor to complex roof repair needs, Commercial Roofing Rana is here to ensure the safety and integrity of your business are preserved with our reliable roof repair services. Whether you’re facing a standard malfunction, such as popped nails, or a more complex dilemma that requires in-depth repairs or even a replacement, our experts have you covered. Whether you are looking for metal roof repair or flat roof repair, our team has the knowledge to assist you.

Questions To Ask Your Roofer

To ensure you are working with a trusted roof repair company, it’s important to ask the following questions:
  • Are they licensed and insured?
  • Do they have adequate experience and credentials?
  • Do they offer a warranty or workmanship and parts guarantee?
  • Do they have references, reviews, or a portfolio you can look at?

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A damaged roof can lead to costly problems and big replacement jobs when not addressed promptly. That’s why customers in Nashville and Memphis rely on the 40 years of time-honored experience and trusted roof repair services offered by Commercial Roofing Rana to ensure their roof is protected and well-maintained.

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Mitigate the risk of more costly and complex repair concerns by relying on the roof repair professionals at Commercial Roofing Rana for your commercial roof repairs. Contact our friendly team of dedicated professionals to discuss your roof repair needs.

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